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Blue Butterfly

A Great Love

In its own natural time and pace the river flows.
With the water flowing slowly or rushing swiftly, depending on the terrain and the season.

So too - with a life-long love.

Sometimes our love for one another will roar like the water rushing over a waterfall.
Sometimes our love for one another will lie silent, still and contained; like the...
water we find in the many deep pools.
Sometimes our love for one another will flow as gentle as a river empting into the ocean.

Blue Butterfly

The sun shines and the wind blows and high in the mountains the rain falls,
onlty to begin the process over, again and again.

Allowing for change and renewal are what those who love and care do.

I know this to be true, for over the years I've come to know the above, with you.

Timothy E. Stevenson   September 13, 2013 ©   Upoet.comBlue Butterfly


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