Blue Butterfly

Agreeing to Disagree


In any committed relationship there will be times of disagreement.
And how these disagreements are resolved will determine...
the quality of the relationship.

This being for us, one of those trying moments,
may I invite you to consider, with me, the following:

According to scientific theory if we were to stand back-to-back...
and walk in exact opposite directions, we would in time; relatively speaking,
end-up at our original starting points.
Though in this moment we don't see eye-to-eye, in time we would.

Thus, in a spirit of goodwill and given how precious our time together is,
"I propose for the time being that on this issue we agree-to-disagree."

Taking a stand and standing with you.
If there is to be any distance, let it be measured in how far...
we-together have come."

  And she said, "I kinda like the scientific theory proposal better."

Timothy E. Stevenson   June 16, 1999 ©   Upoet.com



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