Blue Butterfly

All the Difference

For some people the love within them radiates.
And their lives are lived as one of personal growth,
of ongoing discovery and adventure.

Then there are those, who tragically,
the love within them fades,
and they live lifes of...
disappointment and resentment, or
of quiet desperation and apathy.

Love, like the sun, is self-generating and self-energizing.
How we manifest and nurture the love within us,
will for the most part,
determine the quality and type of life we live.

A life without love would be like a world without sun, cold and barren.

May we each, in our own special way, contribute to each other's personal growth, development, and well-being.

Knowing this for me has made all the difference.

Timothy E. Stevenson   May 30, 2004  ©


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