Blue Butterfly


Over the years my friend we have shared
happiness and anguish.
There has been tears of joy and tears of sorrow.

Together, we've experienced...
the right and wrong, the good and bad,
the beautiful and the not so beautiful.

And many times...
when I've gone down that wrong road,
you've been the one, who spoke up,
and stood by me while I worked it through.

Time and time again...
through the bad times as well as the good,
you've been the one - who's been there for me.

A true friend and more, is what...
I've come to know with you.

Because of you my life has been a better one.
I know too...
that because of you our world is a better one.

And I just want to take this moment to show my appreciation...
and to thank you.

Timothy E. Stevenson   April 30, 2000©

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