Blue Butterfly

In The Darkness

The unplanned pregnancy resulting in the unwanted child.
Neither parent is ready or prepared for the responsibilities of parenthood.
Each tragically viewing the newborn baby as a mistake and an unwanted burden.

Unfortunately too, even before birth the baby has paid the price for its parents addictions.
Its small developing mind and brain...
before and long after absorbing and internalizing all that it was exposed too.
With the caused and resulting damage being irreversible.

The baby in time becomes a small child.
And is raised in a non-nurturing and toxic environment.
And tragically, is continuously being subjected to ongoing...
psychological and physical abuse.

The small child grows into a young teenager becoming in time a young adult.
He or she can only identify with the darker side of human nature and life,
mirroring to a degree their parents, for that is all they have come to know.

Some will intuitively know something is wrong.
This for them, will be their salvation.
In the darkness a light begins to shine.
                 At first, just a flicker, then brighter and brighter, and a rising star is born.Blue Butterfly

    Timothy E. Stevenson   July 26, 2001  ©

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