Blue Butterfly


Just Maybe

Just maybe...
One day - they'll find it in their hearts
An come to understand:

It is only human nature...
To want the best and to protect from harm
Those you love.

Life had taken a bad turn for me
And it was was one of those things
That only I could work through.
There was the need for me - to set her free.
So that she could pursue her life and dreams.

Only time will tell - if I had done the right thing.

The setting sun... is what I had become.

The seasons come and go...
And with each season - there is change
And it too - changed for me.
Winter had become Spring...
And the sun had set only to rise again.

It is only human nature...
To want to be - with those we love.

Just maybe...

Blue Butterfly
Timothy E. Stevenson   October 3,1998©  

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