Blue Butterfly

New Beginnings

The seasons come and go.
And with every passing season...
there is change and renewal...
endings and new beginnings.

A meaningful relation between two people ...
can be likened to the passing of the seasons.
There too - is movement and transition.

There will be times of...
joy and sorrow, harmony and tribulation,
agreement and disagreement, closeness and distance.
And those who openly communicate their needs...
confront and resolve what needs to be...
connect and relate in a healthier and more enriching way.

Whatever the season, warm or cold - I stand with you.
And if required - up to you.
And if need be - I'll even wait for you.
For that is how much you mean to me.

Every winter has its spring; so too,
with a great love.


Blue Butterfly
Timothy E. Stevenson   February 3, 2002©


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