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       (true love)

Blue Butterfly                                        One Too Many       (satire)

   Arriving home after meeting with my buddies for a few beer:

  She asked, “What would you do if you were to find yourself on a deserted island with me?
   And I replied, “I would jump into the ocean and start swimming.”

  She asked, “Am I your one and only?”
  And I replied, “For the next three and half minutes you are.”

  She asked, “Do you want to go through the rest of your life with me?”
   And I replied, “If its okay with you, how about just on week days.”

  She asked, “What is your favorite sexual position?”
  And I replied, “For tonight, laying back-to-back will work for me.”

  She asked, "In your life, how many woman have you been with?"
  And I replied, "Fewer than you."

   She asked, "How many beer did you drink tonight?"
  And I replied, "Honey, you would be proud of me, I out-drank them all and was the last
   man standing."

  She then said, "Thats the last time I let you go out for a few beer with the boys."

                            Timothy E. Stevenson   May 17, 2014 © Blue Butterfly


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