Blue Butterfly



A soulmate is someone...

    Who... you could speak heart to heart,
               and come to a mutual understanding with.

    Who... cares about your personal 
               well-being and happiness, and is committed
               in helping you grow as a person.

    Who... would be there for you through
               the bad times as well as the good times.

    Who... believes and has faith in you,
               respects and trusts you.

    Who... upon you going down that wrong road
               who would stand up to you and by you,
               while you work it through.

    Who... is willing to embrace both... 
               endings and new beginnings with you.

    Who... love and cherishes you,
               and who you want to share your life with.
    And the rain fell, and the sun shone...
       And somehow my love...
            This poem found its way to you.

Blue Butterfly
            Timothy E. Stevenson  January 1, 2002© :


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