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Spirtual Pioneer'sBlue Butterfly

It has been said, "All is a creation."
One day in wonderment, I asked myself, "well then, who created God?" In search
for the answer I went on a journey, into the unknown I ventured.

I went and asked some Christians, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs,
Punjabis, Buddhists Zoroastrians, Taoists, Shinto's, Atheists, Agnostics, Aboriginals,
Eskimos, and ultimately in time a small boy who was with his mom.

Each I found had an answer. Honouring where each was at on their path - I thanked them.
For I had learned something from one and all.

My search for the answer took me from here to there, and from here to here. Only to
find myself - always to be departing and arriving, to be making new discoveries both
without and within.

Before one can become a pioneer, we first have to become an explorer and adventurer.
And everyone I met on my journey, was I found, to some degree, a pioneer.
In time I began to see others and myself, in a new way and in a new light.

Spirituality... that life energy, which flows; great or small, warm or cold, pure or impure.
and the essence of our being is within us all. And there are like the many different stars
shining in the night sky, as many spiritualties as there are people.

Knowledge leads to understanding, and understanding leads to love, and love I found
leads to more love. And where there is love - there are considerations and possibilities.

In search for the answer I learnt:
That in this ever-changing world, we each, have a place and a role to play in it. I
discovered too, that we are all on the same path... this path called - life. And that are
good, and not so good people, in all walks of life.

I liked, to the joy of his mother, the small boy's answer.

That day ended, and a new one for me began. And now find myself, relating to others
in a more meaningful and deeper way.Blue Butterfly

Timothy E. Stevenson  June 1, 1999 ©


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