Blue Butterfly

                                            Standing With You

The rain falls...
And with each passing day
The water flows over the rock,
Only in time... to create a path.
And this path in time - becomes a stream.

On sunny days... the water flows gently
With the silence of the flow
Having little effect on the rock.

On stormy days... the waters are turbulent
And are unforgiving, cutting deep into the rock,
Washing away large pieces of it.

The seasons come and go...
The path has now become a ravine
And through it now runs a river.

We can if you may...
View the river as life and the falling rain as the
Ongoing heartaches and disappointments we face.
The rock - the one upon which we stand, represents
Our love for one another.

The deeper the ravine and river
The deeper the love... a time-tested love
I've come to know with you.
Rain or shine - I stand with you.


Timothy E. Stevenson   April 24, 1999 ©


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