The Winning Edge

In the competitive arena:

Those who are goal, future, and result-oriented, and can place a value on their time - win.
Those who take full responsibility and accountability for their life and for the direction it takes - win.
Those who prepare a mission statement, implement a step by step training program and eat
          nutritionally - win.
Those who prepare mentally, physically, and emotionally, and can bring it all together to achieve peak
           performance - win.
Those who set high standards, strive for excellence, and use their energy and creativity to accomplish
           the extraordinary - win.
Those who continuously refine and polish their skills, and emphasize the importance of accuracy and
          detail - win.
Those who think positively, act on that positivism, and practice a self-affirming inner dialogue - win.
Those who foster self-discipline and self-control,stay focused and committed, and can abstain from
           that which would distract or side-track them - win.
Those who align themselves in right association and detach from wrong association, embrace that
           which is life-enhancing and let go of that which is life-defeating - win.
Those who transform adversity and difficulties into challenges and opportunities - win.
Those who keep perspective and maintain their composure and dignity, even in the face of failure - win.
Those who make a difference, great or small, in another's life, share what they have learned, and help
          others attain - win.

                        Some win to attain status, recognition, power, prestige, fame, or wealth.
                                    Some for the personal satisfaction or to self-actualize.
                                          Somewhere in the above, is where you, will find me.

                                         Timothy E. Stevenson May 27, 2000 ©


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