Blue Butterfly

Thought and Achievement

Great achievement or attainment...
are not things of favour or chance,
but are the natural result of right thinking and well-directed effort;
with for the most part, the strength of the effort
being the measure of the result.

Those who master their thought-processes,
think positively, and act on that positiveness;
cultivate and nurture self-discipline and self-control,
direct their energies with intelligence...
and place a value on their time - achieve and attain.

To aspire is to achieve - and to love is to attain.

A particular train of thought...
when pursued and persisted upon - will produce results.
We remain, rise, or fall by the thoughts we choose think and act on.
Our thoughts, whether they be life-enhancing or life-negating,
will for the most part, determine who we become as a person
and the type of life we live.

Hard life-lessons for me, I've come to know all to well.

Thought allied with great purpose becomes a powerful force.
This self-empowering force is within you.

Blue Butterfly
Timothy E. Stevenson   March 18, 2001
Honouring James Allen, the author of "As a Man Thinketh".



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