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High up on the mountain - we awoke - made breakfast.
And watched with the rising sun the many flowers come to bloom.

Late afternoon, we ate lunch, rested on a blanket and watched a pair of eagles circle high in the blue sky.

That evening, we cooked dinner over an open fire then sat on a rock outcrop...
and watched in all its red and orange pastels the sun set.

That dark night under a multitude of glittering stars we cuddled under a blanket gazed into a crackling...
fire and each other's eyes.

The following day it rained and rained. We snuggled in our not so rain-proof tent.
She had a chance to read her new bought book.
And I, to the sound of her laughter. The opportunity to put up a tarp in the rain with just my baseball cap on.
For she, out of concern for my health, had said, "Before you go out there, you had better put something on!"

In both the light and the dark - I discovered beauty and the following truth:

"That both within and without, discovery; leads to more discovery!"

Tried, tested, and true was our love for one another.
For ours was a relationship based on mutual consideration, trust, commitment, honesty, and respect.

Timothy E. Stevenson   August 12, 2004©


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