Blue Butterfly

   Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Foundation
                       (true love)



the mountain may be high and dangerous, together - we will climb it.

the river may be deep and treacherous, together - we will cross it.

the road may be long and a hard one to travel, together - we will make our way.

the night may be dark and stormy, together - we will find our way.

In accomplishing the above...
we may find it hard and at times painful.
And it may even require us to make more than one attempt.

But this I do know...
no matter what the challenge may be, whether it be - great or small...
we will - overcome it.
This and more, is my commitment - to you.

Life is a journey...
so too, a loving relationship between two people.
The greater the commitment the more meaningful the relationship.
A relationship that I desire "to have" with you.
Blue Butterfly

            Timothy E. Stevenson   June 18, 2000©


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