Blue Butterfly


Together we have...

      ...climbed that mountain: crossed that river, traversed that valley,
         and travelled that long and narrow road.

      ...experienced; the good and the bad, the right and the wrong, the
         beautiful and the not so beautiful.

Time and time again, you have...

       ...always been there for me.
       ...stood patiently by me while I worked through what needed to be.

For teaching me to... my life with purpose, dignity, and integrity; with right thinking and
          action; with right association and attitude.
       ...know that who I have become as a person is more important than what
          I have aquired or accomplished.
       ...speak my truth softley and clearly.
       ...stand-up for I believe in and value.

I am who I am today because of you. And I would like to take this moment, a heartfelt moment to thank you. And more importantly to say, "I love you."

Timothy E. Stevenson   April 17, 2000 ©


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