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What energy transforms the invisible into the visible;
just keeps it all going and happening?

If I knew the answer I would share it with you. But this much I do know,
 that same empowering energy is within you.

Empowerment is life-enhancing and life-affirming.
It occurs when we live our life with:

                                                     purpose, dignity, and integrity.
                                                     right thinking, knowledge, and action.
                                                     right association and attitude.

Those unable to discern between the right and wrong,
will for the most part, live unfulfilling and diminishing lives.

We are empowered when we do what we love;
therefore, do all you do with love.
With let doing your inner-work be your highest priority.

Empowerment is a moving and moulding life-force.
You have it within you, by the thoughts you choose to harbour
and act on, to create your reality and the life you want to live.

"At the core of your being lies a loving, powerful, and creative nature.
It is the essence of your being."
When you nurture it and let it shine through, you empower yourself.

               Timothy E. Stevenson   September 9,1999 Blue Butterfly

Quotation: Shakti Gawah, Living in the Light

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