Gentle Life Wisdom
Blue Butterfly 

Know that as we journey through life, we will experience the right and the wrong,
the good and the bad, the beautiful and the not so beautiful, and how we come
to terms with this, will determine who we become.

Know that you are special and valued. And there are people in this world who care
and love you, and then there are people, unfortunately, who do not, and will attempt
to abuse, use, or harm you. Thus, there is the need to protect yourself, to be vigilant and cautious. (John Lennon)

Know those who read-to-learn on a daily basis succeed. And that success occurs when prepartion meets opportunity.

Know that living life is an ongoing process of change and renewal, of self-discovery and growth.

Know that for the most part, thought and character are one and the same. And all
deeds and endeavors, whether they be noble or bestial, are the blossom of thought.

Know that if you think positively, and act on that positiveness, good things will happen.

Know that at any given moment you are doing something that is either life-enhancing or
life-defeating. Those who make wrong life-stlye choices will live diminishing and unrewarding lives.

Know that all relating, whether it be, with ourselves, with others, or to life itself, is either
nurturing or toxic.

Know that who you have become as a person is of more value than what you have
accomplished or acquired.

Know that the greatest love is within you, and when you make a difference, great or small,
in another's life - love occurs.

Know that knowledge is power, and those who use it for good, succeed.

Know that a rising and shining star is what you are, and that your finest moment is always yet to come.
Blue Butterfly

Timothy E. Stevenson   April 22, 2000 Â©


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