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Blue Butterfly Happiness Occurs

Much unhappiness in the world is legitimate and understandable.
For some I discovered, self-chosen.

I found also, that:

When we are free to love and to be loved...
and make a difference, great or small, in another's life,
happiness occurs.

When we are free to live our dreams...
and spend time doing the things we enjoy,
happiness occurs.

When we are at peace with ourselves and with others...
and keep our thoughts and heart pure,
happiness occurs.

When we are free from pain and suffering and help others who are,
happiness occurs.

When we embrace that which is life-enhancing...
and let go of that which is life-defeating,
happiness occurs.

When we encourage others...
to be and become more than what they thought they could be,
happiness occurs.

For me,  working through the above was an ongoing process.
     Sometimes succeeding and sometimes not.
So my friend, when you see me.

Timothy E. Stevenson   October 24, 1997  ©


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