Blue Butterfly

                        Life's Journey

As we journey through life, we will experince;
the right and the wrong, the good and the bad,
the beautiful and the not so beautiful.
And how we come to terms with this, will determine who we become.

As we journey through life,
we will meet people who care and love us, and then, unfortunately those,
who do not. Thus there is the need to be vigilant and cautious.
avoid those who attempt to abuse, use, or harm.

As we journey through life...
always remember, at any given moment, we are doing something...
that is either life-enhancing or life-defeating. Remember too, at any given moment,
when we relate someone, it is either nurturing or toxic.

As we journey through life...
know who we have become as a person is of more value than what we have...
accomplished or acquired. And when we make a difference, great or small,
in another's life - love occurs.

Take comfort in knowing, that on many occasions - I too, have had to work it through.

Blue Butterfly
Timothy E. Stevenson   May 7, 2000 ©

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