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Blue Butterfly

Love Occurs

When we are heart to heart,
and bring out the best in one another, love occurs.

When we become more...
than what we thought we could be, love occurs.

When we make a difference,
great or small, in another's life, love occurs.

When we endure that which needs to be endured,
and work through what needs to be, love occurs.

When we are there for one another...
through the bad times as well as the good, love occurs.

When we are at peace with ourselves and with others...
and keep our thoughts and heart pure,
love occurs.

When we embrace that which is life-enhancing...
and let go of that which is life-defeating, love occurs.

When we share what we have...
and what we have learned with others, love occurs.

Occur along with me...

Blue Butterfly

Timothy E. Stevenson   February 27, 2000  ©

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