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                                                   May You

May you be happy, and spend time doing the things you enjoy.
May you be free to love and be loved, and be at peace with yourself and others. 
May you be free to pursue and live your dreams, keeping in mind as you do that your
               physical, mental and spiritual well-being takes first priority.
May you make a difference - great or small, in another's life. What may be small for you may
               be life-changing for the other.
May you embrace that which is life-enhancing and let go of that which is not. Those who
              fail to do so tragically will live diminishing and unfulfilling lives.
May you know what you can change and what you cannot; when to be silent and when to
              speak up; when to stand your ground and when to move on.
May you be free from pain and suffering, never forgetting that in the world many are and are
               in need of your help and love.
May you always be able to hear the sound of your own voice, keeping in mind that your mental state
               plays a major role in maintaining your health.
May you, as you journey through life, protect yourself; be vigilant and cautious, avoid those
                who would use, abuse, or harm you. Just as importantly, know that you are valued
               and that there are people in this world who care and want the best for you.
May you live your life with purpose, dignity, and integrity; with right thinking and action;
               with right association and attitude.
May you know those who place a value on their time and read-to-learn on a daily basis - succeed.
May you know that for the most part, you have the ability by the thoughts you choose to harbour and
               act on, to create your reality and the life you want to live.
May you know that who you have become as a person is more important than what you have
               acquired or accomplished.
May you become more than what you thought you could be, and know that your finest
               moment is always yet to come. "Long May You Run"
Blue Butterfly

Timothy E. Stevenson  November 1996

I dedicate the above poem to Dr. Douglas McGregor, a shining light in the dark night sky!
Probably one of the most descent men I've met in my life. When he spoke I listened.

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