Blue Butterfly

                           The Farmer's Daughter

One day a farmer was sitting on his barnyard fence looking over his life-stock. His daughter came and sat beside him, she had a very troubled look on her face. The farmer gave her a reassuring look and patiently waited for her to share what was troubling her. "Dad!" said his daughter, "You and Mom have been happily married for over twenty-five years, although you have the occasional quarrel how is it that you both seem to relate so well? " "Before I answer your question, why do you ask? " inquired the father. "Well," said his daughter, "I've been seeing a boy for some time now and it just doesn't seem to be working out between us. We just don't seem to agree on anything and spend much of our time bickering and fighting."

The farmer thought for a moment, considering what had just been said to him. He then said, "Do you see the different types of livestock in this barnyard? " "Yeah," said his daughter, "I see cows, horses, chickens, pigs, turkeys "...and then confused asked, "so what's this got to do with my problem?" "Well," said the farmer, "a cow will mate with another cow. A horse will mate with another horse. A chicken will mate with another chicken. A turkey will mate with another turkey. Now, what do you suppose would happen if we tried to mate our prize bull with our prize pig?" "I would think utter chaos! It wouldn't work; it's just not meant to be! " replied his daughter. "Well," said the farmer, "that just may be the possibility between you and your new found friend."
His daughter looked at him and with a laugh said, "Nice try Dad!" Her farther smiled and then said, "I'm not saying this man isn't a prize; he'll be a prize, eventually to someone. The question is - is he your prize?"

The farmer's daughter thanked her Dad, gave him an appreciative hug and went off to ride her horse and think about what they had just discussed.

The farmer thought to himself and a tear came to his eye for he just remembered when he and his father years ago had the same talk.

Blue Butterfly
            Timothy E. Stevenson   1994©


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