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                                  The Little Fart

Once upon a time there was this planet called Earth. For some mysterious reason it blew up and disappeared. Scientist throughout the universe could not solve the mystery as to why. This is my reminition of what probably happened:

Throughout the world many of the modern countries had nuclear armaments. The stockpiling and testing of them were frequently reported in the newspapers of that time.

One day the leaders of all the countries decided that it was in the best interest of all, that they put an end to the nuclear arm proliferation. So each country sent their top generals to a meeting in Geneva to work out a solution. All day long they negotiated and debated as to how they could reach their goal of nuclear disarmament. At the end of the day the only thing that they could agree on, was that they were hungry and it was time to eat.

A great supper was prepared and spread before them. A variety of ethnic foods was prepared which the generals hungrily feasted upon.

Then it happened. A large general upon finishing his meal gave out a little fart. Now from his country of origin that was considered a complimentary gesture, so in his mind it was totally acceptable to do it, and he did. On the right hand side of him sat another general and from his country of origin a fart was considered rude and offensive. Upon hearing it, he became angry and told the general not to do it again. The general that farted tried to explain his position but it was to no avail because they spoke different languages.

Now it just happened that on the left hand side of the general that originally farted sat another general, because of eating all the different types of exotic foods he gave out a whopper of a fart. All throughout the dinner assembly generals from the countries which deemed it appropriate began to fart, thinking it was the right thing to do. Well the original angry general said, "Enough is enough," and hit the original general that had farted. The hit general hit back, in self-defence naturally. Well now the fight was really on. Word got back to their respective countries about what happened and the fighting spread. One atrocity after another occurred. The fighting escalated into world nuclear confrontation.

So the demise of the planet Earth can be sourced back to that first little fart. It's hard to believe that a little fart can blow up a world, but as you can see, it can. So if you feel the urge to fart...

            Timothy E. Stevenson   1994©            


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