Blue Butterfly

     The Seeing-Eye Dog

Early one morning...
I'm sitting with my buddy at a window table at our local coffee shop.
The large window acts for me as a theatric stage...
with the many passing people making their entrances and exits.

My buddy is partially blind and on occassion I read out loud...
the interesting newspaper articles to him.
The majority of the time I'm putting pen to paper, working on my poems.

Outside the entrance door...
obediently waiting, sits my friend's seeing-eye dog, Barnie.
Barnie, takes pats from the occasional passer by.

Sometimes someone will untie and atempt to steal him; but, they are soon stopped.
Everyone there knows whose Barnie's owner is.

Blue ButterflyWhen an ambulance speeds on by, sirens a blaring, Barnie begins to howl!

Upon being approached by a female dog, he likes to sniff and sniff.
Non-discrimanating he is too. A real big hit with the female dogs.

If I were to conducted myself like Barnie, I'd be in big trouble.

By just sitting in a coffee shop we can sure learn a lot about life.
Blue Butterfly

                 Timothy E. Stevenson  July 13, 2003  ©


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