Blue Butterfly

                                        Turning To You

Where the ocean meets land, a shoreline is created.

On stormy days the ocean waves crash down hard.
On windy days the ocean waves come tumbling in.
And on calm days there is only a calmness...
With just maybe the occasional ripple.

With each day the tides come and go.

A relationship between two people is also a creation.

And it too, can be liken with the above.

The ocean can be viewed as life and is sent - to test us.
The incoming ocean waves represent...
The ongoing heartaches and disappointments we will face.
The shoreline represents...
The place where we go to work it through.
And the land, is that mighty rock (earth) which we stand upon.
And it is symbolic of the love we have for one another.
Thus - everything turns.

When an incoming ocean wave becomes something more
Than what my heart can bear - I turn to you.

Blue Butterfly
                          Timothy E. Stevenson   October 28, 1998 ©


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