Blue Butterfly

                               Under The Stars

Where the ocean meets land
A shoreline is created.

On stormy days...
The ocean waves - crash down hard
Washing away large pieces of the shoreline.

On windy days...
The ocean waves - one right after the other
Tumble onto the shore.

On calm days...
There is only a calmness to be seen and felt
With just maybe - the occasional ripple.

With each day... the tides come and go.

It has been said...
That the ocean can be viewed as life
And is sent - to test us.
And the Shoreline... represents the love
We have for one another.
And there are - as many shorelines
As there are people.

But the best that I have come to know
Is the one - I share with you.

Timothy E. Stevenson  August 2, 1998©


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