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Welcome to... Upoet.com

 Poetry, prose, and short stories written over a 25 year period by
Timothy E. Stevenson.
Contact Information: timstar12345@yahoo.com

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Contact Information
email: timstar12345@yahoo.com

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If your into personal growth, character building, and
wanting to live a more enriched life thenthis just may the book for you. Enclosed areaselect collection of heart-to-heart writings that I’ve written over a twenty-five year period. They are intentionally short, twenty lines or so, to allow the reader to absorb, contemplate, and reflect on what they have just read.
For many the reading of this book will validate what they already have learned and know. For others, the life wisdom provided in this book just may be life transforming.

Four Poem Categories - Website

 I. Poems for the Family (13)  

II. Poems for Friends (19)  

III. Poems of Romance (72)  

IV. Thought Provoking Poems (49)  

For me, each poem/story is a diamond in the rough. Each day I keep
reviewing and polishing. For me, my best poem or short story is yet to be written.
Latest Poem - Turning - April/2018

About the author - Timothy E. Stevenson

I.    Family Poem Image Slide Show!

II.    Friends Poem Image Image Slide Show!

III.     Romance Poem Image Slide Show!

IV.    Thought Provoking Poems - Malala Yousafzia Image Slide Show!

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Popular Poem #1 - May You   - my tribute poem to Dr. Douglas McGregor  
Popular Poem #2 - Empowerment  - my tribute poem to  Rick Hansen  
Popular Poem #3 - As We    
Popular Poem #4 - Love Light  - my tribute poem to  Malala Yousafzai  
Popular Poem #5 - Love Occurs  

Popular Poem #6 - The Fisher Woman  - my tribute poem to Dr. Annette Stokes. She had encouraged me to start my
                                                                personal growth library. One book per month. In her office, she had shown me
                                                                 her bookcase. "You are what you read," she said. At that time in my life the only
                                                                thing I was reading on a regular basis was the Hagar newspaper cartoon.

Popular Poem #7 - My Friend  
Popular Poem #8 - All The Difference  
Popular Poem #9 - In The Darkness  
Popular Poem #10 - Except Maybe  

Popular Poem #12 - Wide Eyes  - For me, learning the hard way!                                                                      

My Remembrance/Memorial Day Poem  - honouring Burnie, my highschool rugby coach. A retired WII Sergeant.
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Short life-lesson stories written by Timothy E. Stevenson

1. Her Love-Flower
    His Love-Flower
5. The Gardener..just revised. 9. Twinkle
9. The Attainment 6. The Old Prospector 10. Wide Eyes...just revised.
3. The Little Fart 7. The She-Mule 11. The Fisher Woman
4. The Farmer's Daughter 8. The Spectacular View ..(just revised) 1. Publishers: My Editorial Writing!

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6. LifeMateDate.com - under development.  

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  education,then auction them off on the internet! Plus too, protect it in a glass frame. My finger-prints are on it

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